Why A Personal Injury Lawyer Needs To Be Consulted, Even If You Don’t Have Medical Bills

In any instance, dealing with a personal injury can quite challenging, but even more so in a case where the injuries were caused by someone else’s foolish or reckless behavior. You may believe that you do not have a reason to consult with a personal injury lawyer, especially if you do not have any medical bills.

However, you still need to a consult with a personal injury lawyer, even if you do not have any current medical bills. Medical bills are just one of many criteria that are used to determine the validity of your personal injury case. It does not matter if the insurance company has already agreed to cover them, if you’ve paid them out of pocket or received help from a friend or relative.

For example, an insurance company may still seek a certain level of reimbursement from you for any medical bills that they cover. Having your bills covered by a medical insurance company is not a guarantee that you will never be forced to foot the bill. That’s where having a personal injury lawyer comes into play.

They serve as your buffer during these difficult negotiations and make sure that you are not being bullied by the insurance carrier or the court system. A personal injury lawyer handles all of these tense conversations so that you can spend your time focusing on getting well and restoring your normal routine.

Injuries do not always reveal themselves immediately. You may feel fine after suffering your injury and the settlement being offered can seem like a great financial boost. In reality, the insurance company is offering you an early settlement that looks great on paper, but is a drop in the bucket compared to what they would spend on fixing any ailments that crop up down the road.

A personal injury lawyer makes sure that you are covered no matter what takes place in the future. Instead of lunging at the first settlement offered just to get things over with, your lawyer will encourage you to undergo a through medical examination and bide your time, so that you are not forced to foot the bill for any injuries that reveal themselves at a later date.

The more quickly you act, the better your chances are. Consult a personal injury lawyer as soon as you are injured, so that they can analyze your case and give you their honest assessment of what you should be expecting.

You should consult with a lawyer, regardless of your lack of medical bills. Dealing with the aftermath of an injury suffered can be very tricky and with their help, you can navigate a legal system that is working against you and emerge from your situation with the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Can A Criminal Attorney Wipe Away Old Felony Charges?

When attempting to have old felony charges removed from your record, it is important for a client to know that even hiring a criminal attorney does not guarantee success. Depending on the state you live in, certain felonies remain on your record forever, and even if they are expunged, certain employers and entities are still able to access them if needed.

A criminal attorney can hep you get certain charges expunged, but full pardons are quite rare. The criminal attorney starts by letting you know where you stand as far as the laws are concerned for your particular crime. One of the most important parts of the process is going over all of the local laws and ordinances to see if you qualify.

In most instances, any old felony charges that involve sex crimes or violent crimes are not able to be wiped away, so there is no sense in pursuing an expunging or a pardon. Unless your felony is the type that can be considered on a case by case basis, then you will not be able to have it wiped away.

It is also crucial that you have a good behavioral pattern established since the occurrence of the old felony. While a criminal attorney can help you, they cannot work miracles and a person who has continued to remain in trouble with the law will not be seriously considered for an expunging.

Your criminal attorney can help you with certain aspects of the case, such as filing for a Certificate Of Rehabilitation. Having one of these certificates goes a long way towards showing a judge that you have made true improvement. The more evidence that you can provide on your behalf, the better your chances.

Once you have taken care all of the necessary paperwork, you will need to get permission from the prosecution of the felonies you are trying to wipe away. They are allowed to take a certain amount of time to evaluate your request before deciding whether they will be able to grant it.

From there, if the prosecution allows for it, the decision is then made by the judge. There are certain conditions and terms to be aware of, however. If the case you are trying to wipe away resulted in the loss of your driver’s license and does end up being expunged, you do not receive your license back. The same principle applies to gun rights and immigration rights.

While a criminal attorney can wipe away old felony charges, there are a wide range of hoops you will need to jump through in order to make that happen. When you are struggling to get a job and you feel it is because of past felonies, call a criminal attorney so that they can investigate your case. It may be the best call you ever make.

Will An Orange County Violent Crimes Attorney Represent All My Friends?

When you’ve been involved in a violent crime and your friends were also implicated in the same crime, it can be quite tempting to assume that an Orange County violent crimes attorney can simply represent you and all of your buddies. After all, you’ve all been accused of the same crime, so what’s the big deal, right?

However, the vast majority of Orange County violent crimes attorneys will not touch cases where multiple defendants are seeking to hire the same legal representative. This is not an arrangement that typically ends well for any of the parties involved, for a variety of reasons.

First of all, a group of people who’ve been all been accused of committing the same violent crime do not all share the same level of culpability, making it very difficult for an Orange County violent crimes attorney to conjure a plausible legal defense for every single party involved.

In the vast majority of cases of this nature, there is one person or two people whose level of involvement is higher than the others. Thus, it is impossible for an Orange County violent crimes attorney to dedicate the same time and effort into defending every member of the group. Those whose charges are more serious will naturally take up more of their time.

Once this happens, a huge conflict of interest can arise among friends. No one wants to be the one to go to jail while all of their friends walk free, especially if everyone has retained the same lawyer. But, retaining the same lawyer as your friends does not guarantee the same results.

The small amount of attorneys who will take a case of this nature require every member of the group to essentially sign away their rights to complain about the arrangement. Since so many issues commonly arise under a multiple client arrangement, the few legal representatives who would even consider such a case make sure to protect themselves from the ensuing fallout.

There is almost no way for an Orange County violent crimes attorney to take such a case and defend it in a way that will make every member of the group happy. Someone is going to get short shifted when it comes to the amount of the time that can be spent, someone else is going to end up looking like the guiltiest member of the group. There is no real way to please everyone.

While there may be an occasional attorney who is willing to take the risk, any legal representative who is experienced in these matters will not usually take this type of case. There is very little chance that they can win and an even lesser chance that everyone in the group will emerge unscathed.

4 Questions To Ask An Orange County Theft Crimes Attorney

Being arrested for any crime, let alone a theft crime, leads to many questions being asked. It’s human nature to have an inquisitive mind during a time of crisis. Luckily, an Orange County theft crimes attorney is on hand to answer all of these queries. Let’s take a look at the questions you should be asking your Orange County theft crimes attorney.

1. What Is Your Area Of Expertise?

It behooves a client to hire an attorney who has experience with their specific crime. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer, for example, may not work too well, since they will not have as strong of a theft background. You are going to want to choose a Orange County theft crimes attorney who can not only get the job done, but do so by utilizing their superior knowledge on the subject. An attorney who has to rely on technicalities to win acquittals is not going to have the same success rate.

2. Do You Have A Winning Track Record?

Hiring an attorney who does not have a strong track record and cannot point to a series of successes that they’ve had defending crimes that are similar to the one that you have allegedly committed is not considered wise. Be sure to quiz your potential attorney about their overall won loss record and ask for examples of how they plan to fight the charges against you. Unless they have a proven method and a winning track record, you should not hire them under any circumstances.

3. What Is Your Honest Assessment Of My Case?

A top notch Orange County theft crimes attorney will have no problem analyzing the facts in front of them and giving you their honest, unvarnished opinion as to whether you can win the case. Hiring a lawyer who will be honest with you is quite crucial, especially if the prosecutor offers you a plea bargain early on in the legal proceedings. An experienced attorney can tell you whether you should leap to accept the plea bargain deal or hold out hope that you can beat the case at trial.

4. Do You Have A Strong Relationship With The Judge?

Sentencing is usually done at a judge’s discretion. While there are high ends and low ends of the sentencing spectrum, depending on what crime you have committed, a judge has the power to look at the facts in front of them and make a decision based on how they feel about your case individually. That’s why it helps to have an Orange County theft crimes attorney who has a strong working relationship with the judge assigned to your case. They should be able to give you a strong indication as to whether the judge will be inclined to be lenient or harsh when it comes to sentencing.

Can An Orange County Criminal Lawyer Get Me Out Of Jail?

In order to get out of jail and stay out of jail, it is important to remain on the right side. But, situations do arise in life and when they do, an Orange County criminal lawyer is able to get you out of jail in certain situations. Hiring a criminal lawyer is not a guarantee that you will get out of jail, but it greatly increases your chances. The first factor in whether a criminal lawyer can get you out of jail is the setting of bail. A judge may recommend a bail amount that is prohibitively high. When a person does not have an Orange County criminal lawyer, they are forced to either the amount the judge demands or be forced to remain in prison until their trial begins. By obtaining a criminal lawyer, this allows a client to negotiate the terms of their bail and potentially get released earlier. The lawyer’s primary objective is showing the judge that their client is not a flight risk. If a judge believes that the potential for flight is there, he will not usually grant bail. What clients may not be aware of is that the Eighth Amendment is in place to protect them from having to pay a bail amount that is deemed to be exorbitant. This amendment ensures that the government and the court systems are not able to punish a person before their legal process has had a chance to play out. Even in cases where the bail has been set to a reasonable amount and the client cannot afford to pay, an Orange County criminal lawyer can speak with the judge and attempt to have your bail lowered. In these cases, a bail hearing date is set. The lawyer can illuminate your financial station to the judge and explain to them that you are not able to pay. A defendant can also be released from jail under their own recognizance. When this option is presented to you and your Orange County criminal lawyer, there is no reason why you should not lunge at this opportunity. Clients who are pillars of their community, with a long standing track record of working hard and taking care of their family are prime candidates to be released under their own recognizance. An Orange County criminal lawyer can get you out of jail, provided that you are able to work with them and provide compelling reasons to the judge why they should allow you to be released. A career criminal with a poor track record of showing up to their court appearances will struggle to receive any sympathy from a judge. Being stuck behind bars, waiting for a trial, is not an optimal situation for any person. Allow an Orange County criminal lawyer to speak on your behalf. Their experience and strong working relationship with the judge is the combination you need to get out of jail faster.